Make Learning Sight Words Fun!
Ways to Make Learning Sight Words Fun!


1.     Find sight words in newspapers and magazines.  Mark the words with a highlighter.

2.     Play Hangman using sight words.

3.     Play Tic Tac Toe using sight words instead of X’s and O’s.

4.     Have fun using shaving cream. Spread cream on the counter and write sight words in it.

5.     Play Memory Game/Concentration using two sets of cards.

6.     Play Who Am I? Have your child guess the word you are describing (I have 5 letters and begin with a T).

7.     Play Beat the Clock.  How many times can a word be written in one minute or more?  Make a chart and check for improvement.

8.     Have a race and see who can write the word faster.

9.     Write the words on concrete with chalk.

10.  Play dominoes using the same beginning/ ending letter.

11.  Go for a word walk and find words around your environment/signs, etc..

12.  Use different colored crayons to write your sight words like a rainbow.

13.  Play Stepping Stones.  Place words on the floor.  Children walk over them saying the word as they go.

14.  Write a letter on a lego or blocks, have your child build sight words.

15.  Place sight words on the floor.  Toss a coin over the words and children say the word that the coin landed on.


Websites that provide great skill practice for your child:

Youtube:  Alphablocks